Launch of Blanxart Professional chocolate couvertures

Fairs and events

“Creative instinct”is the slogan used to present the first official catalogue of the Blanxart Professional artisan chocolate brand. For its launch, the brand chose a particularly emblematic location in the city of Barcelona, the terraces of the Hotel Palace, and brought together important figures from the sector at the end of September. The gala was an opportunity for the professionals and guests to have a first glimpse of the main couvertures that make up the range and to exchange first impressions with the Blanxart team in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Blanxart is a well-known brand  established in Spain whose origins date back to 1954. It has always been linked to the city of Barcelona and is one of the entities with the longest tradition in the production of high-end chocolate having direct contact with the cocoa plantations and thus controlling the entire production chain with the commitment to offering products of only the highest quality. Until now, Blanxart has focused mainly on the retail channel, with chocolate bars and finished products for the final consumer. Blanxart Professional now represents an innovative leap forward for the company, bringing its “Bean to Chocolate” concept within reach of the artisan. The company’s first catalogue starts with the Blanxart Essentials range of couvertures, which by the names of each couverture has links with Barcelona’s emblematic neighbourhoods and whose characteristics we were all able to enjoy at the opening gala.

The accumulated experience of this pioneering brand in the selection of cocoa and the conching of chocolate using semi-mechanised methods, allows the organoleptic properties of each variety and origin of cocoa to be preserved, is now transferred to an assortment of three dark chocolate couvertures, Raval (71%), Gracia (62%) and Horta (55%); a milk chocolate, Sants (34%); and a white chocolate, Born (27%).